The Wellingtonian 1919: The WWI War Number | Wellington College

The Wellingtonian 1919: The WWI War Number

The Wellingtonian 1919 Editorial
The object of this War Number of the WELLINGTONIAN is to provide a record of the part that Wellington College, more particularly through its Old Boys, has played in the great war. The record which follows will show that the College may well be proud of its Old Boys, who responded in such numbers to the call of the Empire, and who have established ideals of courage, self-sacrifice, and devotion to duty, which must constitute an imperishable inspiration to all who pass through its walls.
Traditions have been established for us by our Old Boys and Masters who have taken part; in the war; and these traditions must strengthen the bond of espirit de corps which will bind together all College boys of the past, present, and future, with a chain of loyalty, love and pride.
We feel sure that a record such as we are privileged to publish, will be valued in the years to come as a constant reminder of the glory won for us by those who have represented us in the struggle to maintain the honour and the liberty of the Empire.
Were we to attempt to do full justice to the deeds of our Old Boys, this number would form a volume of numberless tales of heroism. Many of these deeds have been recorded in previous issues of the magazine, and will stand on record in the history of the College. But our aim is in the first place to attempt to record on the roll of honour the names of Old Boys and Masters who have served with the Forces in all parts of the world where the struggle has gone on.
The names of those who have laid down their lives, of those who have suffered wounds, and of those who have gained special marks of distinction, will be found recorded. Our regret is that our roll must necessarily be incomplete, and our hope is that our readers will help us to make up any omissions, so that when the Old Boys' Memorial Hall is standing in our grounds, the records to be found on its walls may be as complete and as accurate as possible.
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