Stationery Information 2017 | Wellington College

Stationery Information 2017

2017 Stationery Information

Stationery lists for all year groups have been finalised and are now available on the OfficeMax MySchool website

General stationery, workbooks and BYOD devices can be purchased and delivered to you on the day and at the address of your choice

It is possible to purchase the stationery items from other retailers but we cannot guarantee the availability of the workbooks.

Subject fees and Wellington College booklets have been invoiced to your son’s account and the booklets will be distributed at school. 

You can check your son’s account via the Parent Portal,  If you need assistance with your login and/or password, please email

Please note that general stationery items and workbooks will not be available from the Stationery Shop at the start of the year.

For any enquires please email or go to our Stationery section