Many thanks to the following Y13 students who have volunteered to take up a leadership position at Wellington College.  You will receive a Leadership Badge at Assembly on Thursday, 4 May (Week 1 Term Two). Please contact Mr Bergin if there are any issues.

Agam Fahri ISA      
Ah Kuoi Naitoa  Peer Support      
Ahmed Al-Yasaa  Peer Support      
Aiono Bronson WeightRoom      
Aswani Nalin Code Club Assembly    
Athfield Isaac  Peer Support      
Banjeree Soumya  Table Tennis      
Barrett Jacob  Music Peer Support    
Beasley Harry  Peer Support      
Brantley Logan  Tech Crew      
Bramley Thomas  Peer Support Stage Challenge Super Six  
Buenaobra Jonathan Peer Support Stage Challenge    
Burgin Daniel  Music Peer Support    
Butterfield Matthew  Tech Crew      
Canlas Matthew Japanese      
Choi Wonbin  Tutoring      
Coldstream Arthur  Peer Support      
Collier Ben  French Club      
Collins Tylan Waterpolo      
Crampton Angus  Stage Challenge      
Daellenbach Seb  Peer Support Tutoring Duke of Ed  
Davidson Connor  Peer Support      
Devane Harrison Science Techician      
Di Leva Dominic  Peer Support      
Dobbie Hunter Noticeboard   Theatresports Peer Support
Douglas Nick Peer Support      
Dowell Andy  Music      
Draper  Conrad  German      
Dunford Roman Peer Support      
Dykes Gabriel Music      
Fung Salvy Peer Support Peer Tutoring Football  
Goodisson Rimu  Peer Support      
Goodwin Tom Peer Support      
Greig  Josiah German      
Haigh  Ethan  Japanese      
Halstead  Jake  Rugby      
Harris Ashley Peer Support ISA    
Helu Sione Super Six Peer Support    
Hough Zac WeightRoom      
Isbister Sam Tutoring      
Kearns-Hill Thomas Arts photographer:  Stage Challenge    
Kent-Wilson James  WeightRoom      
King Alex Stage Challenge French Club Peer Support  
Kizito Jacob  1st Aid      
Lee Calvin Physics German    
Leikis Matthew Stage Challenge      
Li David Table Tennis      
Liu  Jason Table Tennis      
Lockwood Hugh  Code Club      
Mace Thomas German      
Masseurs Jacob Super Six      
McElwain-Wilson  Ben German      
McCay Ben Peer Support      
McKenzie Tom Peer Support      
Murray Fergus Super Six      
Nanote Amey Peer Support Videographer    
Nguyen Devin  Japanese      
O‘Donovan Ben                      Peer Support Peer Support    
O’Sullivan Taka Peer Support      
O'Brien Michael   French Club Tutoring Peer Support  
Occleshaw Conor Music      
Pagalilawan Elian  Music Peer Support    
Paice Hamish  Peer Support      
Partridge Jack Peer Support      
Patel Barnard  Peer Support Tutoring    
Pavkovic Filip   French Club Peer Support    
Plim Michael  Peer Support      
Plumtree Taine  WeightRoom 1st Aid    
Prins Laurence  Astonomy      
Prowse Callum  Drama       
Rahubadde Rahul Super Six Tutoring    
Rasiah Yovan  Music Peer Support    
Richards Eli  Peer Support      
Robinson Oscar Peer Support 1st Aid Science Technician  
Sathiyandra Arvalan  Peer Support Tutoring    
Schuyt Max Peer Support Football Tutoring  
Sharples Alex  Physics      
Shepherd Timothy Peer Support      
Simes Liam  1st Aid      
Simpkin Ryan  Peer Support Drama Stage Challenge 1st Aid
Speirs Finn        
Stent Hunter  Peer Support      
Strowger-Turnock Ben  WeightRoom      
Thompson Sebastian Peer Support      
Tompkinson Billy  Peer Support      
Van De Velden  Tristan  Public Speaking coordinator: German    
van Helden Arlo  Music      
Waayer Sam Peer Support      
Walker Sam Debating      
Walpola Malin  Table Tennis      
Webb Liam Super Six Peer Support    
Whimp Thompson Edward  Peer Support      
Whitehead Luke  Duke of Ed      
Withers Callum  Peer Support      
Yu Andy  Music