Wellington College Calendars

Wellington College uses Google Calendars to provide information to Students, Parents and the College community.

We have three Calendars which are available to the public:

  1. Wellington College Public Calendar - From 2014 we are changing the calender. that we show all College events affecting students, parents and the wider community
  2. Wgtn Col Grounds - this calendar is update by 1.00pm each week day to show if our grounds are open or closed
  3. Wgtn Col Assessments - this calendar details all NZQA NCEA and Cambridge related internal and external assessments.
  4. Wgtn Col Timetable - this calendar shows our weekly timetable structure.
  5. Careers - this calendar shows events held by the Careers team.

For parents using Google Calendars you can add any of the Wellinton College calendars to appear in your "other calendars".

  1. Just sign into your Google (Gmail) Account.
  2. Click the icon on the bottom right of the calendar that you wish to add
  3. Follow the prompts from there.